Having a healthy amount of self-confidence is essential for success and productivity in life. After all, if you don’t believe in yourself how can you expect others to? Being confident is not egotistical, but rather is a tool for fulfillment and happiness in life. Ready to crank up your success-factor? Follow these steps to boost your confidence today.

Surround yourself with positivity. Your confidence suffers immeasurably when constantly bombarded by negative people and thoughts. So avoid them at all costs. This includes the negativity that goes on in your own mind. Always try to change your perspective to the positive.

Change your body language. Researchers found that people who pull their shoulders back, stand up to their full height, and make eye contact not only feel more confident, but appear more confident to others as well.

Alter your speech. Another study found that people who simply speak a little slower and articulate clearly are perceived as more self-assured than others.

Dress the part. Nothing diminishes your confidence more than showing up to an event completely underdressed. Always dress for success when it’s crucial to have the highest confidence achievable. Feeling confident makes you act confident, and while clothes don’t make the person, they sure can help.

Pick up your pace. What does your walking stride say about you? Did you know that slow walkers are perceived as tired, sad, or in pain, whereas those with a pep in their step appear happier, more confident, composed, and purposeful? Increasing your pace, even by 25%, can totally change how people view your confidence level.

Compliment others. When you have nice things to say about others, it increases their perception regarding your self-esteem and spreads feel good vibes to promote their confidence as well.

Work out. While we won’t get into all of the ways a good work out benefits your physical, mental, and emotional health, we will simply state that your confidence improves exponentially with your heart rate. Working out improves your energy level, motivation, and positivity, all of which leads to a stronger self-confidence.

Be an eternal student. Improving your confidence goes hand in hand with increasing your knowledge and skill set. Take advantage of every opportunity you have to cultivate your mind.

Mingle. Break out from your normal group at parties and events to meet new people. You never know who or what you’ll discover, adding to your creed as an eternal learner. You will become more well rounded and increase your sphere of influence at the same time, which will boost your confidence like you wouldn’t believe.

One thing a day that makes you happy. Do one thing, anything, every single day that makes your soul happy. Feeding the soul and inner spirit might be the best way to boost your outward sense of confidence. Run. Practice yoga. Read a book. Watch a silly YouTube video of dogs crashing through windows. Whatever it takes to bump up your happiness, because happiness equals confidence.

Create your “great list.” When you have particularly rough days and your confidence has taken a beating, try making an accomplishment list. Jot down all of the things in your life you’re proud of. From small things like working out for twenty minutes, to having raised the best kids you could, reference back to this list every time your confidence wavers.

“Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings.” –Samuel Johnson

What is your confidence-level holding you back from? Accomplishments? Success? Fulfillment? Happiness? We believe that you are the master of your own ship, so grab some new confidence and do great things with it!

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