When Maiko’s college friend introduced her to ARIIX, she initially had no interest. However, she looked over the compensation plan and thought, “This is a plan that makes others happy and helps you give back.” Her friend was doing ARIIX as a family business, and Maiko was fascinated by the idea. She was excited to share ARIIX with her mom, but her mom had no interest in building a network marketing business. She was deterred by her own perceptions of the industry. Maiko persistently shared more about the company and the business, encouraging her mom to check it out because it could be a great opportunity for her. Finally, her mom enrolled as a Representative, but she was still not entirely on board. It was not easy for Maiko, and sometimes she felt discouraged, but she knew that ARIIX truly was an incredible opportunity, and she wanted her mom to understand. Many times she felt like quitting, but she stuck with it anyway.

While Maiko and her mother were planning a trip to London to visit Maiko’s sister, ARIIX Travel™ was launched. Working in the travel industry, Maiko recognized the advantages and appeal of the program. She booked their usual accommodations in London and Paris through ARIIX Travel for one-third of the out of pocket cost! Because she was able to save so much money on their hotels, Maiko and her sister were also able to take their mother to a restaurant and the Opera, as a Mother’s Day gift. ARIIX Travel helped change her mother’s perspective of ARIIX!

Maiko is grateful to Kenji Ko and her sponsors, who give her a powerful, positive attitude. She is thankful to ARIIX for giving her more self-confidence and the ability to enjoy life and make beautiful memories.

Terms and conditions apply. Must enroll in ARIIX Travel rewards program to qualify for wholesale discount travel. Reward Dollars and Opportunity Credits vary. See ARIIX Travel for details.

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