It’s the beginning of another week and for some of us, that means we have the Monday Blues. Don’t know what the Monday Blues are? Think about the rest of your week: work responsibilities, family activities, and shuttling kids to and fro. If you’re feeling anxious or sad at the prospect of the next five days, you’ve got a case of the Mondays and we’re here to help you beat the Monday blues.

By doing certain things every day, you can beat this weekly slump. Here’s how to plan for and beat next Monday’s blues!


That’s right, successful Monday planning starts the weekend before. Take advantage of these days off by creating a weekly meal plan and grocery shopping. Saturdays are good for laundry too! You can plan all of your outfits for the week and make sure they’re washed, pressed, and ready to go days in advance.


Sunday evening, lay your outfit for the next morning out. Set your alarm for a half hour earlier than normal (this will give you more “me time” Monday morning to collect your thoughts before starting your week). Prep lunches and snacks to take to work and for the kids to take to school. You can prep an entire batch of fresh fruits and vegetables to fill lunchboxes for the rest of the week. Plan Monday night’s dinner, thawing ingredients and maybe even measuring them out beforehand.

Monday morning—Rise early.

Your entire week can be thrown off by a late start on Monday morning. Wake early, take some time for workouts or prayer or meditation, before moving on through your morning routine. By giving yourself extra time, last minute things that pop up are much less likely to throw you into a tailspin.

Monday morning—Leave early. Don’t add to the stress of Mondays by cutting it close on time. Leave plenty early to avoid stress from inclement weather or traffic jams. If you get to the office ahead of everyone else, take advantage of this time by accomplishing tasks that are better done uninterrupted.

Monday during work—keep it light.

Mondays are typically the busiest in offices. Knowing this, help ease back into the workweek by scheduling yourself lightly. Big, complicated tasks are better for scheduling on Tuesdays, when you’re back in the swing of things.

Monday night—have a backup plan.

If everything else goes wrong, have a plan B. Leave your schedule flexible on Monday nights so if you have something go wrong at work during the day, you can reward yourself afterword by doing something that makes you happy and is relaxing.

Everyday—maintain a sleep schedule.

You’re asking for disaster on Monday if you’ve hardly gotten any sleep all weekend. Maintaining a similar sleep schedule every night makes Monday morning a little less jolting.

With these tips, you’ll surely beat the Monday blues so your whole week is smoother and easier to handle. Over time, you should start to notice yourself dreading the beginning of the week less and less.

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