ARIIX Worldwide Day of Service

ARIIX partnered with “Do Good. Be Kind ,” an organization with a charitable focus to do good in the world. Sporting “Do Good. Be Kind” T-shirts, ARIIX independent representatives, company executives, corporate employees and their families across the globe joined together to improve local communities and the lives of others. Rallying around their regional ARIIX offices, they shared their stories of service on social media using the hashtags #ariixdayofservice and #dogoodbekind.

“Our inaugural Worldwide Day of Service was a success!” says Deanna Latson, ARIIX Chief Product Officer and Founder. “We had offices and teams of people from all around the world create unique acts of service. Our corporate headquarters as well as our offices in Mexico, Hong Kong, Canada, Europe, Korea, Taiwan, Japan and Russia all worked to make the world a better place. We’ll definitely do it again!”

• ARIIX Corporate Headquarters employees partnered with Sleep in Heavenly Peace, a non-profit organization that helps build beds for children in need.

• ARIIX Mexico teams worked all day at a foster home for girls, cleaning and painting classrooms and the office entrance.

• ARIIX Hong Kong partnered with Food Angel, a food assistance program to help those in need.

• ARIIX Canada worked with the Salvation Army to set up, prepare and serve lunch for over 100 people at the Richmond Community Church.

• ARIIX European headquarters in the UK worked with park ranger teams that do conservation tasks in nature reserves and green spaces throughout the area.

• ARIIX Korea prepared lunch for nearly 800 people in need through the Bobpar Sharing Center.

• ARIIX Taiwan worked with Huashan Social Welfare Foundation to help provide funding for this much-needed organization.

• ARIIX Japan cleaned up the sidewalks near their office and Mamiana Park to beautify the surroundings for everyone.

• ARIIX CIS helped area orphanages and specialized institutions by cleaning, painting, socializing and providing comfort.

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