As a wife and mother of three, Jules Van de Leur thrives in environments where structure and freedom can coexist, but attaining that kind of work-life balance is a challenge. She had never thought of herself as an entrepreneur, until she was introduced to network marketing.

Jules was open to a new opportunity when NuCerity came along. She was tired of her job, working for someone else, feeling drained and unfulfilled. She found Representatives via social media who were experiencing success, and taking the initiative to reach out, she asked to learn more. The way her new sponsors presented the business model quickly became a case of love at first sight, and she jumped in with both feet.

To truly succeed and go “all in,” Jules had to stop believing the story she had been telling herself, that this was her life and there was no changing it. Once she did the work on her mindset and had the belief she needed, she was able to make a change. She was no longer going to allow somebody else to determine her value or to place a ceiling on what she could achieve. The day before she was scheduled to begin a new, six-figure role with the company she worked for, she called to rescind her letter of acceptance. It was truly a freeing moment, and one in which she completely stepped into the center of her own life. She knew she had all the tools within to create the life she had always desired, and she was ready to pursue her dreams.

Jules leads by example, stays accountable to her team, remains transparent, and tests her own duplication methods to ensure they really work! She is a firm believer that you must become a product of the product, and that to truly represent the ARIIX 360º message of health and wellness, you must fully embrace that philosophy. Most importantly, she is accountable to her family, working toward their goals and tracking their progress together.

Today, her dream is to achieve a life by design with true freedom. And her goal is to help others become limitless by design in whatever capacity they desire.

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