For more than a year, Naruki Chiura struggled with grief and depression over his father’s passing. He didn’t feel interested in doing much of anything, until his mother introduced him to ARIIX (Chairperson Kenji Ko). For the first time in months, Naruki felt excitement and possibility — yet he also wrestled with doubt and hesitation. He attended an ARIIX seminar where he had the chance to meet the whole Ko family. He shared about losing his father, as well as his doubts about joining ARIIX and what he would do in the future. They gave his great advice. In fact, he feels they saved his life.

From then on, Naruki’s life began to change. He learned about the ARIIX products, used them as part of a program to improve his health, and began to cultivate a more positive attitude. His mother is building a business alongside his and together, they are working toward making new dreams for the future.

Naruki believes ARIIX is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and he is grateful to his mother, his teammates and the Ko family for all of their support on his journey.

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