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ARIIX is pleased to announce the addition of Pippa Turley to the ARIIX Athletes Council. The Athletes Council is comprised of knowledgeable professionals who are committed to broadening the company’s understanding and ability to provide safe, pure and effective supplements catering to the nutritional needs of athletes — consumers with the highest level of nutritional demands.

A globally ranked triathlete, Turley has represented both New Zealand and Great Britain as an Age-Group Triathlete in seven World Championships (8th best performance), three European Championships and one World Masters Games (Silver Medal). With a background in Sports Marketing, Turley has also worked on high-profile events such as the 2011 Rugby World Cup, British Athletics and Motor Sport.

“As an athlete who expects a lot from her body, I feel it is essential to supplement with high-quality products,” said Turley. “For me, it has enabled me to train optimally, keep my energy levels high, and generally avoid common bugs. Whether you are an athlete or not, high-quality supplementation is your insurance policy, as getting all the nutrients our bodies require can be a challenge.

“Joining ARIIX’s Athletes Council is an honor and something I’m very proud of. I want to learn more and give more, so to be in partnership with such a high caliber of individuals will be fantastic.”

“We are happy to welcome Pippa Turley to the Athletes Council and look forward to her contributions,” said Deanna Latson, ARIIX Chief Product Officer. “Her energy is contagious, and her commitment to motivating others is inspiring.”

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