Feeling stuck? Business at a standstill? Shake things up and get going again by getting out and doing something good for someone else. Why? Here’s why:

Grow your network

Whether it’s organizing a fundraiser, serving on a board, or participating in a cleanup day, your willingness to roll up your sleeves and work with others to make a difference says a lot about who you are. Volunteering is a comfortable and casual way to talk to people about what you do. It also gives you the chance to engage with your community and widen your world.

Stretch your skills

Why not take the opportunity to learn something new? Volunteering can give you a chance to focus on personal growth by meeting new people in all sorts of settings. You’ll also likely learn how to be more creative since organizations relying on volunteer support require “out of the box” thinking that allows them to innovate more effectively.

Gain some perspective

Sometimes running your own show can get a little lonely. Bust out of that rut by volunteering! Realizing how fortunate you actually are could be just what it takes to push through a rough patch and get re-energized.

Signing up for service may be just the boost you need.

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