Akiko Ishihara of Wakayam was introduced to ARIIX when her daughter stocked her refrigerator with Moa™ and told her to take it! Akiko thought, “Not again…she brought something weird.” She didn’t touch it, and when her daughter returned, the product was still in the fridge. Akiko explained that she didn’t know what was in it, so her daughter told her about Moa’s amazing superfood ingredients, proprietary mushroom complex and antioxidant power. She encouraged Akiko to take care of herself, manage her health, help prevent illness and give Moa a try. (Want to try MOA for FREE - Get your Sample Pouch HERE)

That’s when Akiko decided her daughter was right. She was 62 years old, and she needed to take better care of herself. Why not try the product her daughter had recommended and given her as a gift? After she began taking Moa, Akiko noticed improvement in the way she looked and felt, and then she questioned what she had done differently. She realized she had been taking Moa regularly, and she wanted to learn more about it! Akiko researched supplements and what the body needs in order to thrive, then she read up on the ingredients in Moa, finally coming to the conclusion that these nutrients are indeed essential to optimal health.

Now, Akiko and her husband use almost all of the ARIIX products, and it is her goal to share the ARIIX opportunity far and wide. She hopes to see many more new partners join her business and learn about how the ARIIX products and opportunity can make a difference in their lives, too. Akiko would like to thank her upline and all of her teammates, who believe in her, love the products, and keep building their businesses.

She looks forward to supporting the next generation in caring for their health, creating a safer and more robust community and world.

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