In 2000, after many attempts, Rosemary Barca and her 16-month-old daughter, Charlie, successfully escaped a violent home life and found refuge within a women’s shelter. Rosemary’s daughter has anaphylaxis hypersensitivity to eggs, dairy, seafood, tree nuts and peanuts, as well as asthma and eczema, which resulted in her being unwell more than the average person, and Rosemary felt locked into permanent survival mode.

Rosemary was given the opportunity to become a caseworker at the refuge where she had taken shelter, and later worked her way up to a managerial role. During this time, she obtained a Diploma of Management and a Bachelor of Legal Studies. She was on call 24/7 to either the women in the refuge or the staff for most of the 13 years she worked there. She met some amazing women and children and helped them move on to living safer lives free from violence. Rosemary was also instrumental in taking the organization from a safe house for women and children to a service that also provided therapeutic intervention to children who had previously fallen through the service delivery gaps.

Inevitably, Rosemary began to feel burnt out and overwhelmed. She was hyper-vigilant at home because of Charlie’s health, and always “on” at work for obvious safety reasons. In 2016, under medical supervision, her work hours were reduced for a period of time. It was then that Rosemary was introduced to NuCerity. Trying to find good quality products that do not contain allergens can be difficult. The fact that her daughter could use NuCerity’s entire range safely was what first sparked Rosemary’s interest. When she saw the results people were experiencing, she wanted to use the products herself. Even though she only wanted to purchase the products at first, her mentor invited her to be part of the team, and Rosemary found herself surrounded by the best group of people she could imagine.

In April 2017, when her position was set to undergo major changes that would result in more work for Rosemary, she chose to pursue NuCerity full time. Her life experiences had given her the skills and grit to succeed. She wanted to encourage women and show them that they have control of their circumstances. With ARIIX, they can create financial independence and transform their lives.

Rosemary’s new motto is, “What has always been doesn’t have to always be!” She is creating her family’s future, rather than feeling as though it has already been decided. The goals and dreams she had previously given up on have a sense of urgency attached to them now, and she knows they are achievable if she works both consistently and smart. “I’m giving myself permission to want more from life,” she shares.

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