Chris’s parents always told him that if he worked hard, he would get all of the nice things in life. So he did just that.

He got a job at a bank and treated it like an apprenticeship. Within four years, he had been promoted six times. By the age of 21, he was a business manager. It wasn’t long before he was approached by an insurance company to join them as a consultant.

Five years in insurance saw him traveling the UK in a national role, managing the relationships between banks and insurance companies. From the outside looking in, others thought he was “living the dream.” He had a great salary, a flashy car and a couple of houses. He was flown across the UK and stayed in nice hotels — all of this and he wasn’t even 30!

However, something was missing. Behind closed doors, Chris was extremely unhappy. He was making these businesses a lot of money, but was he making a real difference in the world? He made the decision to leave financial services and try other avenues in search of a more fulfilling role.

Chris discovered network marketing via an online ad, but after trying to build a business for a time, he began to feel discouraged and ready to give up. Then he read The Business of the 21st Century, and it lit a fire within him. Maybe it wasn’t network marketing that was the problem, he thought. Maybe it was the opportunity he had chosen. He decided to try again with a different company, and through a lot of research and networking, he found the ARIIX opportunity.

Two years in, Chris is an Officer and a Top 20 Power Ranker, and is building his business full time. Most importantly, he feels at home with ARIIX. He dreams of leaving a legacy, and he is out to prove his doubters wrong. Instead of 60-hour workweeks with no goals or aspirations, he is now free to spend his time as he chooses, working with incredible people and enjoying every minute.

Chris dreams of making an impact on thousands of lives: parents who don’t miss time with their children, people who no longer have to work until they are 75, those who felt lost that now have a purpose… His next goal? To help ARIIX UK raise the bar!

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