Everyone has a reason to want to give back, and there are plenty of places you could be of service — even around your own neighborhood!

Help family who might be hurting. We often fail our folks by getting caught up in our own personal problems and neglecting service opportunities close to home. Many adult children presume their parents will ask if they need help, but that’s not always true. Check in frequently on elderly relatives and friends of the family to see if they could use help with chores in the yard or around the house, or maybe a quick trip to the grocery store.

Go back to school. Faculty and staff are often overworked and underpaid — and they need your help! Volunteer at a local school to read stories to students, serve as a crossing guard or recess safety monitor, or spend a weekend sprucing up school grounds.

Clean house! Organize a yard sale with the proceeds benefiting a local community charity. Do a quick fall cleanup around home — look for gently used electronics, furniture and clothing, books and toys — and encourage friends, neighbors and family to do the same.

Provide local life support. Hospitals and other care facilities often have a wide variety of needs you could easily meet. From sitting with patients to helping with food service or pushing wheelchairs, there are opportunities for all ages.

Don’t forget your furry friends! Animals need our help too — and so do the people who care for abandoned or injured critters every day. Volunteer at a local shelter or rescue to help with adoption events, office work, housekeeping or even fostering an animal of your own.

There are plenty of places where you could be of service! Join the ARIIX Worldwide Day of Service on October 25 at an ARIIX office near you.

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