October 17, 2018

ARIIX: The Corporate World Alternative


With AOR, you choose your incentives and your lifestyle perks. Take your chances and WIN in the ARIIX lucky draw, GIVE to a charity and gain true happiness. Redeem your Opportunity Credits and GET some serious swag.


And when you hold the title of Chairperson or above, tell us your DREAM and make it a reality.


Win. Give. Get. Dream.


You can use the AOR app to view your Opportunity Credits balance and shop for lifestyle perks!


How to Earn Opportunity Credits

  1. Growing your total Pay Line volume during the first half of the year (Weeks 1–26): 25,000 Opportunity Credits for every 5,000 sales volume points.

  2. Growing your total Pay Line volume during the second half of the year (Weeks 27–52): 25,000 Opportunity Credits for every 5,000 sales volume points.

  3. Acquiring new Customers and members: Earn 1 Opportunity Credit for every volume point of product sold to personally sponsored Customers and members within their first four weeks.

  4. Achieving a Business Level: Earn Opportunity Credits for achieving one of the following business levels in your first four weeks: Ultimate = 3,000; Elite = 1,500; Business = 500.

  5. Ordering products each cycle: Earn 1 Opportunity Credit for every volume point of product personally purchased beyond initial qualification. Earn more by purchasing each cycle.

  6. Duplication — The Power of Four: Earn 2,000 Opportunity Credits for personally sponsoring four new members or Customers who purchase two times the minimum sales threshold, within your first eight weeks as a new member.

  7. Advancing your title: Earn 1 credit for every Pay Line volume point required to advance to a new title.

  8. Earning at your title: Earn Opportunity Credits each time you generate the minimum Pay Line sales volume associated with your new title. You’ll receive Opportunity Credits equal to 25% of the total Pay Line volume points required to achieve the title.

  9. Attending corporate events: Earn 10 Opportunity Credits for every dollar you spend on corporate events that you attend.

  10. B.O.S. training: Earn Opportunity Credits for accomplishing sections of the online B.O.S. training system. Each section offers a different amount of Opportunity Credits.

  11. Power Ranking: Top Power Ranking Representatives receive an additional 100,000 Opportunity Credits at the end of each year.

  12. Founders Club: Founders Club Members receive an additional 125,000 Opportunity Credits (250,000 for couples or co-applicants) each year they attend a recognition trip available through the AOR program.

Learn more about ARIIX HERE


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