Five easy steps to finding the right volunteer fit

Want to do good, but don’t know where to start? Everyone is different — so how do you find the volunteer opportunity that’s the right fit for you?

Understand your own motivation

Sometimes knowing where you’re coming from helps you get where you’re going. If you realize the reason behind your altruistic intentions, you’ll find a better fit — and that’s not being selfish. Are you searching for a way to meet new people? Or maybe you just have some extra time to spend. Perhaps you want to give back to the community. Figure out what you’re looking for first, and you’ll have a better chance of finding it.

Decide where you want to make a difference

Think about where you want to spend your time and effort — in your local community, where you can really see results? Or acting as part of a larger national effort? There are even “virtual” volunteer opportunities, where you can “work” from home. Just like a job, volunteer work requires the right match between you and the service organization you’re serving.

Find your fit…

Talk with friends and neighbors to find an opportunity in your community, or reach out to local religious organizations or schools. Even your alma mater’s alumni organization may have an opportunity that’s the perfect fit for you. But be realistic about your commitment — you don’t want to get burned out by overstretching your schedule.

…or go solo

Sometimes the best opportunity is one that you create yourself. If you can find a problem in your community and put some people together to help solve it, why not? Check with community leaders to identify areas of need, and get going!

Start small

Every opportunity has its ups and downs. If you don’t find a fit right away, keep looking! Commit to a short-term project to get your feet wet, and when you’re ready — jump in!

Looking for a great place to start? Join the ARIIX Worldwide Day of Service on October 25 at an ARIIX office near you!

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