What Does The Microwave Oven Do To Our Food?

Dangers of Microwave Oven

What does the Microwave Oven do to our Food?

- Microwaved Infant formulas’ structure is altered, changing the components in amino acids, creating immunological abnormalities

- According to the Swiss scientist, Hans Hertel’s study, microwaving food degrades and depletes food of its nutrients

- Breaks chemical and molecular bonds

- Breast milk cooked in microwave looses 96% of its antibodies

- According to a 1992 study which was conducted by the Search for Health and investigated the effects of participants who consumed vegetables prepared in microwave, it was found that the participants experienced decrease in white blood cells, rapidly increase in cholesterol levels, decrease in hemoglobin (causing an anemic-like conditions), and increase in leukocyte ( indicating cell damage and poisoning)



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