Whether you’re on a diet, trying to make better lifestyle choices, or are simply want to be healthy, one of the best ways to sabotage yourself is leaving the house unprepared. When you’re on the go and haven’t properly planned you’re more prone to make unwise or hasty decisions that impact your wellbeing.

These are the best suggestions for items that will keep you healthy, help you simplify, and stay on top of your A game that you should toss into your purse or car every time you leave the house.

Apple. We aren’t talking about your phone, but an actual apple. It’s a great way to get fiber and a mess-free single serving snack that will fill you up while you’re mobile.

Water bottle. Face it, if you leave the house without some form of healthy hydration, you will get thirsty and you will pull through a drive-thru and order a bucket of soda. You’re much less likely if you can just reach for a refreshing bottle of water in the first place.

Essential oils. Between crazy drivers, rush hour, and ins and outs running errands, being on the go is stressful. Before you leave home, toss a bottle of your favorite de-stressing essential oil blend in your bag to help ease you through frustrating moments in your day.

Planner. Whether you use a physical planner or an electronic one on your phone, don’t leave the house unprepared for your day. You can set reminders that will help keep you on task or place appointment cards on your dashboard to help jog your memory.

Snacks. If you’re going to be gone more than a few hours, an apple likely will not be enough. Toss healthy snacking options in your bag like fruit leather strips, granola, or a nut mix. This will keep you fueled as you task-master your day.

Moisturizer. Running in between stores and businesses can be harsh on your skin, going from one element to another. Always keep a bottle of moisturizer on hand, like simple ingredient lotion or a roller of healthy skin oil.

Lint brush. When we say “healthy” items to take, we aren’t just talking about eating and drinking, because your overall wellbeing includes your mental health as well. The last thing you need is for your black dress pants to be covered in cat fur moments before popping into an important meeting, so always have a lint brush in your car or purse.

Mints or gum. Garlic breath is the last thing you need before that big meeting with your boss. Stay calm, don’t freak out, and reach for a stick of gum to maintain the odor.

Light reading. Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself in the midst of a busy day is a take moment’s break. Light reading materials tucked in your purse provide a quick break from reality.

You can’t avoid life’s chaos sometimes. But you can be prepared for it and we think these things will help. Ready, set, go!

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