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Millennials (born between 1981-1997) came of age during a tough economic time: According to Business Insider magazine, student debt has reached an all-time high, and the job market is more competitive than ever. As a result, young people today aren't earning as much money as their parents did when they were young. So how much are they making?

Playboy magazine says the Median Millennial salary equates to a mere $13 an hour. Millennials "were hit particularly hard by the Great Recession" and have also had to delay their lives by years as milestones like purchasing a home and getting married become less than financially impractical.


1.  51% of Millennials plan to be self-employed within 5 years (CNBC)

2.  Only 27% of graduates have jobs in their degree field (Washington Post)

3.  60% of Grads can't find work in their field(

4.  27% of millennials are self-employed (Young Entrepreneur Council)


Think back to your aspirations when you graduated high school...

  • Are you today where you though you would be back then?

  • Are you physically fit or have the passing years of eating and inactivity caught up to you?

  • Are you working doing what you love or are you still dreaming about your million dollar idea?

  • Have you traveled to even a portion of the places you wanted to see? Or are you starting to wonder if you will ever get to go there?

  • Do you repeatedly apologize to those you love because you couldn't be there for their special event?


Unfortunately, few of us are where we imagined we would be when we were younger, when the world offered unlimited possibilities.  But these are consequences, not your fate. There's a way, but the question really comes down to:  are you ready to do anything about it? If you are willing, we offer you a solution that works... 


  • Be in business for yourself, but not by yourself

  • Proven Business Plan

  • Part-time - make your own schedule

  • 10-20 hours weekly

  • Build business skills

  • Gain experience with clients & talent development

  • Help pay for student loans

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