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ACTIV8™ Industry-First Multiline Plan

  • Highest payout industrywide at 51%

  • Industry-first multiline plan

  • Industry first & only Travel Rewards program, dollar for dollar match

  • Build infinitely wide, infinitely deep, with unlimited earning potential

  • Auto-balancing ensures every point is strategically placed for greatest profitability

  • Cost of living increase accounts for ever-rising inflation

  • Power Re-entry in the flexibility to join and network across teams

  • 4 Members / 8 Weeks = Gold Status Unlocks exclusive lifetime benefits

  • Base Commissions earn 15% of a pay line


  • Team Lead Bonus

  • Matching Bonus

  • Savings Bonus

  • Income Position Bonus

  • Pay Line Bonus

Voted #1 Compensation Plan Worldwide ~Business for Home

ARIIX Travel Rewards

For every dollar you invest in your health and building your ARIIX business, we give you back Reward Dollars toward incredible vacation savings. Reward Dollars help pay for your trip by getting your rate down to the lowest wholesale price. And the more products you use, the more you save on amazing vacations!

Retail Sales Profit

Become the Rep who can't stop ranting and raving about our products, watch this video to find out how sharing pays big time around here.

ARIIX Team Lead Bonus

When you help others, ARIIX rewards you. Learn why the Team Lead Bonus is helping Reps earn up to two times faster and how you can get on board.

ARIIX Base Commission

When your team wins, you win. It's as simple as that. This video walks you through the ins and outs of ARIIX Base Commissions and how your whole team can earn, earn, earn!

ARIIX Matching Bonus

Learn how the ARIIX Matching Bonus actually pays you to help others around you. Because when they win, you win.

ARIIX Savings Bonus

Want help saving for your future? Here's how ARIIX takes care of you then and now. Because your dreams aren't just for the present, they're for years to come.

ARIIX Income Position Bonus

Want to skip the loopholes and red tape common in this industry and build your ARIIX business on your terms? Then watch this video and learn all about the Income Position Bonus.

ARIIX Pay Line Bonus

With no caps or gimmicks, the ARIIX Pay Line Bonus offers true flexibility and helps unleash your entrepreneurial spirit. Learn how!

ARIIX Industry-First "Bill of Rights"

  1. The Right to True Ownership & Protection

  2. The Right to Share in Profits

  3. The Right to A Partners Council

  4. The Right to Review Compensation Plan Changes

  5. The Right to Be Our Experts

  6. The Right to Explanation and Reasonable Notice

  7. The Right to Share in the Fun and Incentives

  8. The Right to Help Us Think Up What's Next

  9. The Right to Fair and Consistent Treatment

  10. The Right to Maintain Your Original Agreement

  11. The Right to Our Loyalty

At ARIIX, we understand that our Representatives are the lifeblood of the company, so we put our appreciation in writing through our revolutionary ARIIX Bill of Rights. This Bill of Rights is a contractual agreement that guarantees we have your best interest at heart.

More than words -- it's in writing.

ARIIX Founders Club

The ARIIX Founders Club is the most prestigious and high-level ranking that a Representative can achieve in the entire sector of network marketing. Withunprecedented power, Founders Club members help shape the future of ARIIX in matters such as policy changes, promotions, pricing, and compensation plan modifications. Founders Club members also serve as an advocate for Representatives in their country with the power to make critical decisions.

The invitation to join the ARIIX Founders Club is the pinnacle of what can be achieved in the direct selling industry--the perfect balance of being a Representative with the privileges of a founder.

ARIIX Payout - The Highest in the Industry 

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