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We are changing the way the world views the direct selling industry. From excellence in compensation, to Gold Standard products, customer service, technology and communication, ARIIX delivers the very best in business-building. This innovative approach to direct selling has been recognized by distinguished awards programs across the globe.

Awards & Accolades

  • 2017 Direct Selling News Global 100 -- #82

  • 2017 Business for Home, #1 Compensation Plan

  • 2017 Business for Home, Top Opportunity Company

  • 2016 Inc. 5000 #1,546

  • 2016 Direct Selling Management Association Growth Award

  • 2016 Business for Home, AAA+ Rating

  • 2016 Direct Selling News Global 100 -- #91

  • 2015 Direct Selling News Global 100 -- #95

  • 2014 Business for Home, #1 Compensation Plan

  • 2014 Business for Home, Top 10

  • 2013 Obtainer Global Direct Selling Forum Outstanding Achievement

  • 2013 Business for Home, MLM Momentum Company

Updated list here:

Industry Awards Won by ARIIX at ARIIX Corporate in Bounitful, Utah

Industry Awards Won by ARIIX - at ARIIX Corporate


Disruptive by Design™

Disruptive by Design™, ARIIX is intentional about our efforts to change the industry, change lives and change the world through our dedication to developing efficacious products and services, as well as our commitment to integrity, unity and disrupting the industry with innovative practices, a Representative-first approach and the ability to build a business based on your terms. We believe everyone deserves to experience the opportunity to change their life.

Call Us at 1-719-360-3400

How to Evaluate an Opportunity - by Michael Dlouhy "Success in 10 Steps"
1- Compensation Plan - The best plans have two features: The numbers just work & average people (part timers) can build and prosper (and the vast majority of people are averge people). Look for plans that pay at least 50%
2 - Timing - You want to get in after a company has proven its staying power (maybe 3-5 years). But before its momentum growth period (in general, the time it takes a company to go from $100,000,000 to $500,000,000 a year)
3 - Products - Fall in Love with them - Find products with a huge market. Focus on the people, focus on the market and choose products that everyone else wants (make sure there are multiple lines of products in case one line goes out of style, you have the others to fall back on)
4 - Leadership - People are people, they are not numbers. They have goals, dreams and desires. Network marketing is not a sales business, it's a teaching and mentoring business. So the track record and attitude of leadership is important
5 - Systems - Tested, proven, duplicatable - You need a step by step system to get off to a fast start: online, off-line, one-on-one, cold market, warm market, retailing, recruiting, becoming a mentor. You don't need to do it all but you need all of these techniques available to you (Click Here - Check out the ARIIX Income System)
"If you can find a company like this, some fun work will give you the chance to ride a momentum wave to wealth." -- Michael Dlouchy


ARIIX  was founded July 4, 2011 by 7 owners that have over 100 years of experience in the industry. Doing over $200 Million in sales, ARIIX is headed to a Billion Dollars in the next few years!
You owe it to yourself to take the time to view "Why ARIIX" on the next page (Step 2 below), where a 25-year veteran of the network marketing industry who earned $150,000 per month will share his thoughts about this great company.

We look forward to helping you build an income with ARIIX soon!

John Woods & Charles Gilbert
Own Your Life Mentors
Call 1-719-360-3400
ARIIX Owner & Co-Founders

"A great opportunity doesn't go away, it just goes to those who see it!"

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